We communicate on many levels. What may being said on one level, may be contradicted by the message on another. At his amazing TEDxUNLV talk Savvas Trichas talks about keeping our messages straight and stop knocking ourselves out!


In our today’s fast moving and highly competitive business environment everyone communicates but only a few people connect. When people can truly connect, every moment they spend with others, they can make it valuable, and if they are in business, they can make it profitable. In this speech Savvas introduces basic nonverbal skills that can be used to increase impact of communication. 


Based on the notion that attention shapes our reality, Savvas focus on why attention is crucial in business communication, the importance of avoiding split attention effects, brain research on our attention span, and the neurochemistry of storytelling. Based on modern research, at TEDxAUAthens, five tools are suggested to engage anyone’s attention.


In this executive seminar Savvas Trichas discusses the truth about lies. Specifically, Savvas talks about fundamental principles of modern FBI deception detection. Implications are discussed in the context of forensics, business, and leadership.

"It's What You Don't Say That Matters"

Savvas Trichas

Savvas is a two-times TEDx speaker and collaborated with several prestigious universities and organizations such as Stanford University, the University of Durham, the Ministry of Education and Culture, and the Association of Cyprus Banks.

He is also associated with the FBI National Academy Associates Cyprus Police where he serves as a guest lecturer under the topics of management, communication, and deception detection.

In addition, Savvas is a PhD holder in Human Resources Management and Marketing and reviews manuscripts for international high-impact scientific journals related with leadership and organizational behavior such as The Leadership Quarterly. When he’s not on stage, Savvas is on TV analyzing important concepts of his expertise such as body language, leadership, lie detection and psychology of communication.

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Communication: The Language of Success

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