The Science of Public Speaking: Talk to Persuade

What worries you the most while you are on stage presenting? Forgetting your words? Not being interesting enough? Research demonstrates that there are two ways to overcome your limitations as a public speaker: to learn effective techniques, and then practice them on stage over and over again. It is not nuclear physics but it is a fact. The proposed keynote aims to decode and introduce the science behind public speaking to add value to the area of presentations.

  • Key tips for preparing for an upcoming speech/presentation.┬áCommon mistakes that untrained speakers make.
  • Expectation and impression management during public speaking and presentations.
  • Strategic use of audiences' attention and importance of avoiding split attention effects.
  • Increasing presentation's memorability.
  • Influence of transmitting ideas through successful narratives.
  • Neurochemistry and three-dimensional mechanics of storytelling.
  • Conscious differentiation of body posture and the influence it has on others' perceptions.
  • Hand gesture management to enhance our message.
  • Voice tricks that can help us captivate our respective audience.
  • Introducing the concept of the speaker's knockout to understand why our behavior changes so much when we speak in public.
  • Learn how to control cognitive load to unlock your natural communication powers.
  • Generating the scientific effect of emotional contagion as a speaker.
  • Advanced public speaking tips all the way from business presentations to the TED scene.

Savvas Trichas

Sought-After Best-Selling Author and Speaker Savvas Trichas is an expert and lecturer on verbal and written communication as well as negotiation and human resource management. Savvas is a three times TEDX speaker and has spoken in 19 countries so far.

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