The Truth About Lies: The Leader's Guide

A study published in the prestigious scientific journal of Personality and Social Psychology Review in 2006 revealed only 54-percent chance of accurately detecting lies. This study included nonexpert judges and expert judges such as police officers, detectives, judges, interrogators, criminals, customs officials, mental health professionals, polygraph examiners, job interviewers, federal agents, and auditors. These odds are slightly better than a coin toss!


The above findings reflect the misconceptions people have by default regarding deception detection. Fortunately, in the last decade, there have been major strides made regarding evaluations of deception, thus, significantly improving detection accuracy rates. This keynote offers sophisticated, evidence-based training in lie detection through the use of theory, practice, and real-world videotaped case studies. Implications are discussed in the context of leadership.

  • Research and statistics regarding deception detection.
  • Neurophysiology and lie detection.
  • Common errors lie detectors make.
  • Identifying the wrong cues.
  • Nonverbal deception detection.
  • Cognitive overload and deceiver's body reactions.
  • Facial micro-expression reading as a powerful tool for lie spotting.
  • Verbal Lie Detection Tools.
  • Principles of modern lie detection: Information gathering approach, strategic use of evidence, unexpected questions, undercover interviewing, establishing baseline behavior.
  • Putting it all together: A holistic approach for leaders.

Savvas Trichas

Sought-After Best-Selling Author and Speaker Savvas Trichas is an expert and lecturer on verbal and written communication as well as negotiation and human resource management. Savvas is a three times TEDX speaker and has spoken in 19 countries so far.

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