Leading Transformation: The impact of Curiosity, Communication and Leadership

The business world today is sailing in different waters compared to thirty years ago. Change is inevitable and we need to think of the transformation process no longer as just a question of keeping up, but rather a leadership issue that requires a deep shift in mindset. Consequently, it’s going to take a new set of leadership skills and structures to captain this ship.

Boston Consulting Group describes a new type of transformational leader who defines the vision and strategic priorities, but who also embraces an inclusive approach, based on curiosity. Much like empathy and self-awareness, curiosity is a proven and useful leadership skill which is essentially about asking questions. The powerful simplicity of asking smart, strategic, thoughtful, and targeted questions, to the right people, at the right time can lead to extraordinary results.

More often than not, organizations fail to lead transformation. There can be many factors behind this failure, but the number one reason is organizational resistance. In other words, the people.

  • Manage the people and change comes effortlessly.
  • Incorporate key players in the mix.
  • Form a large volunteer army from up, down and across the organization to serve as the change engine, rather than just driving change with a small, powerful core group.
  • Remember: You are “people” also. Change the world by your example not by your command.
  • Clarity in communication: Don't make people work to understand what they need to do.
  • Use sophisticated measuring and monitoring.

Savvas Trichas

Sought-After Best-Selling Author and Speaker Savvas Trichas is an expert and lecturer on verbal and written communication as well as negotiation and human resource management. Savvas is a three times TEDX speaker and has spoken in 19 countries so far.

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